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Summer Greetings!

I know many of you are aware of Michael Zimmerman and his Clergy Letter
Project activities. 
(<>  Michael is 
trying to create a data
base of scientists willing to answer questions from clergy members.  Please see
below for details, and please consider adding your name to this list.

Thanks very much-
dana geary

>Hi Dana,
>         I hope all is well with you.  I want to let you know about a 
>new initiative that The Clergy Letter Project has begun.  We have 
>created a data base of scientists willing to provide scientific 
>assistance to clergy members.  Many clergy have made it clear that 
>they are fully supportive of modern science but they have trouble 
>dealing with technical questions raised by parishioners.  Our data 
>base should help resolve that problem.  And, at the same time, it 
>should help us make a strong political statement that scientists are 
>willing to work with clergy and members of their congregations to 
>better understand the nature and specifics of sciences.
>         I'm hoping that you will be willing to add your name to our 
>growing list of consultants and that you will be willing to share my 
>request with others around in Madison and around the country.  To 
>help with this, I've pasted a formal request below.
>         Thanks so much for all you've done over the years to help in 
>this fight and for any help you can provide right now.  I look 
>forward to hearing from you soon.
>Dear Dr. Geary,
>I am writing to you on behalf of The Clergy Letter Project, a 
>collection of more than 10,700 Christian clergy members who have 
>signed The Clergy Letter 
>(<> asserting 
>that Christianity and modern science can comfortably coexist and 
>recognizing the centrality of evolution in modern science.  In 
>addition to collecting signatures on this open letter, The Clergy 
>Letter Project has sponsored Evolution Sunday, an opportunity for 
>religious congregations to come together to discuss the 
>compatibility of religion and science.  The second annual Evolution 
>Sunday event, held on 11 February 2007, had an increase in 
>participating congregations of more than 32 percent from the first 
>year's event.
>Over the past several years, many clergy members have asked me if I 
>can connect them with a local scientist who might be willing to help 
>them with some aspect of a sermon on which they are working or with 
>some question a parishioner has.  They have also wondered if I know 
>of some scientists who might be willing to run an adult education 
>class for their congregation.
>As The Clergy Letter Project matures, we are attempting to provide 
>more and better resources to clergy members who understand the 
>importance of science and who do not find science to be a threat to 
>their faith.  That's where you come in.
>The Clergy Letter Project has recently created an on-line data base 
>of scientists who are willing to answer questions posed by clergy 
>members and who are excited about the possibility of interacting 
>with clergy members and their parishioners in an attempt to explain 
>the beauty and power of science.  In short, our purpose has been to 
>create a data base of scientists who might be willing to provide 
>technical support to clergy members in need of such support.  You 
>can view this list at 
>If you are willing to be a part of this endeavor, please send me 
>(<mailto:mz at>mz at an e-mail note with the 
>following information:
>Areas of Expertise:
>e-mail address:
>Additionally, please forward this note to any other scientists who 
>you think might want to be listed in our data base and circulate it 
>widely via any list serve to which you might subscribe.  Together we 
>can build a vibrant and strong coalition of religious leaders and 
>scientists who are willing to speak out for high quality science 
>Please understand that because we are looking for scientists willing 
>to provide scientific expertise on topics in which they are 
>knowledgeable, the religious backgrounds or inclinations of these 
>scientists are absolutely irrelevant.
>Thanks very much for your consideration of this request.
>                                                         Michael
>Michael Zimmerman
>Professor of Biology and
>Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
>Butler University
>Indianapolis, Indiana  46228
>Founder, The Clergy Letter Project
><mailto:mz at>mz at
>Visit The Clergy Letter Project on the Web at 

Dana Geary
Department of Geology and Geophysics
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Madison, WI  53706
(608) 263-7754
dana at
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