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Dear Charles,

I am sorry to say that I have no candidate for the Collections Manager
you have advertised. We are relatively devoid of palaeontologists at
present.  Those who continue on are interested in marine deposits or
on salt lake deposits.. That is they are more interested in the
environment that in palaeontology. I have three post graduate students,
one (female)teaches Chemistry and Physics at Dickson College and is 57
years old. The second did an honours degree in physical anthropology and is now
beginning to work on Upper Devonian placoderms. And the third one is
working on Hatchery Creek fauna (Middle Devonian) at Wee Jasper.  A
fourth student will be doing honours on the juvenile Griphognathus from
Gogo.  She will begin next year, having taken off 6 months to earn some
money.  None of these people is capable of applying for the job.

I have just had a reviewers' replies to a paper I have submitted to the
J. of  Biological Development.  Both were negative, and neither was
signed. The extensive one was from Hans-Peter Schultze, according to my
reading between the lines. It was a rough piece of work, which I can
understand because it destroys much of his work on the origin of the 
osteichthys.  Incidentally I quoted from your ABSTRACT published in 
Geological Society of America. One of the big problems is that we have
no idea why at certain periods the genome undergoes gene regulation. To
me that is not a significant point and we will have to await further
genetic studies to elucidate the problem.  What is important is that
new designs in the osteichthyes appear suddenly at several points in 
the Pragian, the Eifelian and in the Late Devonian.  Despite all the 
to discover the origin of these designs, nothing convincing has come
forward.  Among many other papers I have quoted your work on the 
Cambrian Precambrian explosion in the Earth Sciences Review.

Obviously I am not going to sit down and take this nonsense from the out-
and-out cladists, and I am going to rewrite the paper. Has your work on
EVOLUTION" yet appeared.  Or maybe it is having the same sort of trouble
as I am having.

Dick is now in Canada.  Laura was married to a Canadian earlier in the week.
He then goes to Europe to see his sister -in-law, and will not be back
here till the first week in September.

I will be 80 on the 9th of September, and am beginning to think that it
is almost time to give it all away.  What really holds me is the
opportunity to continue with the post graduate students listed above.

How are things going for you on the personal front.  I hope that things
are much quieter than they were 6 months ago.

				Ken Campbell

>CURATORIAL ASSOCIATE (Collections Manager)
>The Department of Invertebrate Paleontology in the Museum of 
>Comparative Zoology at Harvard University has an opening for 
>Curatorial Associate of fossil invertebrates.  This collection 
>encompasses all major phyla of metazoans and is ranked among the top 
>paleontology collections in the world.  We are seeking an individual 
>who is able to conduct all aspects of modern collection management, 
>and is adept in communicating with scientists and the public.
>The curatorial Associate (equivalent to the Collection Manager) 
>reports to the Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology and the Manager, 
>Collections Operations in the Museum of Comparative Zoology (MCZ), 
>and in conjunction will determine short- and long-term collection 
>priorities, including facilities upgrades; manage and oversee the 
>implementation of those priorities; oversee selection, training and 
>supervision of curatorial staff; manage the curation of existing and 
>new collections; oversee the input and updating of computerized 
>specimen database; prepare and monitor departmental budget; 
>participate in museum initiatives and collaborative projects with 
>other MCZ collections; assist in preparation of grant proposals for 
>collection improvement; and assist the public with questions.
>Masters degree in invertebrate paleontology and/or natural history 
>museum studies with experience in handling fossil materials highly 
>desirable; at least 5+ years of curatorial experience in an 
>invertebrate paleontology collection (or equivalent); knowledge of 
>invertebrate systematics; 3-5 years of supervisory experience; 
>demonstrated writing, public speaking, and organizational skills; 
>excellent computer skills, including database management. Excellent 
>interpersonal and communication skills required, as well as the 
>ability to both work independently and in a busy team environment.
>TO APPLY: Please send your CV and the names of three references who 
>are familiar with your collection work, no later than August 25, 
>2007, to:, Requisition # 30253
>Charles Marshall
>(617) 495-2572 office
>(617) 496-5535 fax
>cmarshal at
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