Paleonet: Polonica

Andrzej Pisera apis at
Mon Aug 6 14:55:01 GMT 2007

Dear All,

Due to unfortunate accident I have lost all my e-mail boxes for the 
period of 15 Decmeber 2006-19 July 2007 (all after that date are 
untouched). If did not respond to your reuest, please write me again, 
because it means that I have lost your messages.

If any of my regular correspondents would  like to write me just  to say 
hello, it would help  me with establishing my adress book as well.

Sorry for troubles to those not interested, and thanks in advance.

sincerely yours

Andrzej Pisera
Instytut Paleobiologii PAN
ul. Twarda 51/55
00-818 Wraszawa

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