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Eingeschnurtt: constricted
De Vries German-English Science Dictionary.
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Dear all,
I was wondering if anyone can help me with a translation of the following words from German to English.
It may seem like I'm just being lazy, but I have tried a number of different resources to translate these, and not found any results that make sense...honest!
Many thanks in advance, 

*	köpfchen: 'gumption; savvy' (I like to think that ancient plankton may have had gumption, but I doubt this is correct!) 
*	Pleuridie / Pleuridien: ('Pleur-' I think is Latin for 'side', but not sure of the actual translation here: I believe the term is the same in French also) 
*	Kieselschiefer: 'pebble-schist; flint-slate' 
*	saugnapfähnlich: 'cup- or sucker-like' 
*	eingeschnürrt: ?              
*	Ast oder Zweig: 'branch or branch' (?!) 
*	Fixationspunkte: 'anchorage articles' (anchorage points?)


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