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It is too bad that the perps can't be hanged, but I think this is an 
opportunity to make a big issue out of fossil protection.   The 
International Paleontological Association has a project on protection 
of field sites (which I have been assigned to oversee), and I'd love 
to use this as a way to call attention to the general public 
world-wide..  Certainly, it would help in America where this sort of 
thing would not be so surprising to me.   I wonder if the Belgians 
would drive through a World Heritage Site like that if  it was in 
Belgium?   I'd guess not, so the importance of fossil deposits needs 
more public attention.

If anyone has an opportunity to get this issue into your local or 
national press, please do it.  Let me know, please.   If anyone has 
any ideas on how to do that, please let me know too, so that the IPA 
can jump into this with a letter or comment.    IPA corresponded with 
World Heritage to get that whale site recognized, so IPA already has 
a legitimate reason to get involved.   Anything you can do to help us 
on this would be greatly appreciated--ideas, comments, contacts, etc.

We have to act fast however.



At 12:28 AM 8/28/2007, you wrote:
>Too bad. Since Belgium doesn't even have a government at the moment 
>nobody is going to be interested in an issue like this.  Perhaps our 
>Belgian colleagues know whom to address? An article in a Belgian 
>newspaper perhaps?
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>There is a somewhat more detailed article in the Washington Post:
>Apparently the suspects are Belgian and they admit being at the site
>with ATVs, but deny destroying the fossils.
>On 8/27/07, David Campbell <pleuronaia at> wrote:
> > > It seems to me that this is the kind of thing that we, as a community,
> > > should kick up a storm about.   Any ideas on how to do that?
> >
> > [For those who haven't checked the link, apparently some individuals
> > in diplomatic vehicles decided to drive all over the World Heritage
> > fossil locality, ignoring guards and signs.]
> >
> > Unfortunately, it won't be easy to get justice-I believe there's a
> > long list of complaints around the world where diplomatic immunity is
> > being used to evade responsibility for criminal behavior.  However, if
> > more details can be obtained about exactly who is responsible, rather
> > than unnamed European bureaucrats, it certainly would be possible to
> > direct complaints to the country/countries in question.
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