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CNRS-Christian Emig christian.emig at
Tue Aug 28 18:00:40 GMT 2007

I have in mind that each country manage the paleo problems according 
to the knowledge and education of  the citizens  - for example in 
France the education programme dealing with geology is so week - 
nothing in primary - a litlle in the "college"  - then nothing else 
until the university for students in Earth sciences !
OK ? What can be the opinion about fossil preservation - when you can 
buy a lot of fossil online and in specific market, even the image of 
the scientist is used for. Sell fossils to earn money ! That is a job 
as another when nobody knows what is the importance of the fossil 

And that is not only French, I'm studying a specific fossil outcrop 
in Sweden - perhaps protected in the futur - but at present several 
associations have proposals for fossil collecting trips there, using 
ecological purposes - spend a Sunday collecting fossils and to enjoy 
a nice trip!

Consequently the problem is always a local one.

When writting:
"National Geographic is read around the world by all ages and would 
be a good way to reach a non-scientific audience. "
That is right but in English and the question is how many people can 
read  the "National Geographic" and  how many people read the 
"National Geographic" out of the "English sphere". In concrete in 
France, in Belgium for ex. ?

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