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Although I am not sure yet if I can make it, I would
like to be informed about the developments of this
event and the field trip. I did my MS thesis
(UTDallas, 2004) on the paleontology, paleoecology and
depositional environment of the lower Eagle Ford Group
in North Central Texas.

Virginia Friedman
PhD student Paleontology
University of California at Davis
--- Dee Ann Cooper <deeanncooper at> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am putting together a poster session for the GSA
> in
> Houston (October, 2008) that is intended to be a
> multidisciplinary session specifically devoted to
> studies of the Western Interior Seaway.  Ideally,
> presenters would be an eclectic mix of vertebrate
> and
> invertebrate paleontologists, stratigraphers,
> sedimentologists, etc. etc.  I am also planning on a
> field trip across Texas (through the southern
> expression of the WIS and on to Big Bend National
> Park
> (high desert, southernmost part of the Rocky
> Mountains, least visited National Park - where I and
> my research team have been working for a couple of
> decades) to be scheduled pre-meeting - 5 night -
> vans
> - approx. $400 per person).  What I need to know is
> who would like to be invited to present, who would
> be
> interested in the field trip and suggestions for a
> good title for the poster session.   The Houston GSA
> meeting will feature all day poster sessions so it
> will be a great time for people to really meet and
> discuss their work at length.  
> Dee Ann Cooper, BS, MS, PG
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> Texas Natural Science Center, University of
> Texas-Austin
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