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Tue Sep 25 22:27:06 GMT 2007

I post this from vertpaleo as it might be of broader interest to the 
earth science community.

I caught the following bit of scientific misinformation on The Soup, a 
TV show  which brutally lampoons popular and celebrity culture, 
primarily by simply playing clips of the glitterati talking or being 
themselves.  The View is an all woman panel "discussion" program which 
is nationally broadcast on NBC every morning. It was recently most 
famous for the absurd verbal battles between one host, Rosy O'Donnel, 
and Donald Trump.  Apparently there are new hosts on the panel.  The 
clip I saw on The Soup had one host ask the newest host whether or not 
she thought the Earth was flat.  The new host hemmed and hawed and had 
to be asked the question several times.  Finally, the new host replied 
(and I kid you not) that she had other things to worry about, such as 
raising her kids so they become educated and could get good jobs. So 
whether or not the earth was flat simply wasn't important to her family 
and their lives, but she supposed the Earth could be flat.  It just 
wasn't that big a deal (!).  She did say that if her son ever asked her 
if the earth is flat she would have to tell him it was time to go to the 

A video clip of this segments (including comments about evolution) can 
be seen at:


Dan Chure

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