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Norman MacLeod N.MacLeod at
Tue Dec 8 19:08:37 GMT 2009

Dear PaleoNet subscribers:

First, please accept my apologies for the inappropriate posting that was
forwarded to all you for from 'Lee Risse'. Mr/Ms Risse is/was a PaleoNet
subscriber and obviously made a bad judgement as to what PaleoNet is and
what topics we consider relevant to our community of subscribers. I am
attempting to contact Mr/Ms Risse now (offline) to determine what the
problem is/was. It may well have been an honest mistake to unintentionally
forward that particular message to the list. I'm sure most of us get
unsolicited messages of various sorts delivered to our e-mailboxes on a
regular basis. I know I do.

Second, I'd like to thank all the PaleoNet subscribers who drew this posting
to my attention. I didn't catch it earlier because I'm travelling on NHM
business at the moment and was between New Zealand and Australia when it all
happened. I look forward to the time when I can access the internet on
intercontinental flights, though possibly my travelling companions do not.
Regardless, I was (again) impressed by the tolerance, level-headedness,
restraint, and understanding exhibited by the PaleoNet community. I've seen
other listserver communities go ballistic over much less inflammatory
postings. Special thanks go to John Alroy who did some digging as to who
l.risse at and ASteele at are.

These things happen from time-to-time. I also note, with interest, that when
they do, PaleoNet tends to get a small boost in new subscriptions. Very odd.


Norm MacLeod


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