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Dear Paleonetters,

At the forthcoming Third International Palaeontological Congress (IPC3) in London, June 28th to July 3rd, 2010, we are organizing a symposium on the "Major transitions in the early evolution of life" (Symposium No. 19). We intend to bring together experts from the biological/palaeontological and the geobiological/geochemical disciplines to elucidate the interplay of life and Earth during the Archean and Proterozoic, the time when the fundamental features of the biosphere were formed. An inspiration is the seminal 1995 book by Maynard Smith and Szathmáry, The Major Transitions in Evolution.

Possible topics to be dealt with are:
• The earliest traces of life: Veracity and significance
• Origins of photosynthesis
• The major oxygenation events and their relationship to life
• Eukaryotes in the early fossil record
• Size and multicellularity
• Life through the Cryogenic
• Metazoan beginnings
• The Cambrian Explosion

Keynote speaker will be Professor Andrew H. Knoll, Harvard University.

We invite you to contribute to the symposium. The deadline for abstracts is February 28th.

Information on IPC3 can be found at the congress website:

See you in London!

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