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Ken Campbell Ken.Campbell at
Wed Dec 23 01:08:12 GMT 2009

Dear Sir,

	I am writing about submitting an article on an eroded braincase
of an Upper Devonian braincase from Gogo in Western Australia.  This
article has been rejected by other journals because they say we have
not interpreted it properly.  We consider that we may have written it
more extensively than we should, but we will rewrite the article. 
The illustrations have been made by ordinary phptography and by Serial

	The reviewers of the article from previous journals say that
we should apply cladistic methods to produce a phylogeny, but we do not
accept this technique.  Also we are trying to show that new designs appear
in the phenotype as a result of gene regulatory changes.  We have recently
attacked this view in an article in the journal SENCKENBERGiANA.  In our
present article we will add only a short section on this topic.

	Campbell and Barwick (the present authors) have published 
about 40 articles on Devonian Dipnoans,  and several other articles 
on Devonian and Carboniferous Sarcopterygians. In other words we are 
experienced vertebrate palaeontologists. We have both been on the 
staff of the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.

	I write this letter to you asking if you would consider having our
paper submitted to your Journal. We do this before we set it out in the
format required for the Journal.


				K.S.W. Campbell

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