Paleonet: T49. Putting Biology back in Biostratigraphy

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Fri Jun 19 01:17:50 GMT 2009

Dear Professor Ward,

This is an awesome idea to treat fosills as once living organisms, instead of just time markers. This is especially true and important, if we explore the paleoecological and paleobiogeographic implications of fossils. 

Could you please refer me to some books or papers about intra-specific variation and specific duration in geological history? These two subjects interest me the most, when I study Permian fusulinids.

Best wishes!


>I invite you to submit to GSA Topical Session T49, with the name above.  This will be a wide ranging session, with the theme of exporing index fossils as once living rather than as simple time markers.  I intend to explore the species concept in ammonites based on new studies of intra-species variation in morphology; there could be a slew of other directions, including paleobiogeography,speciation and extinction patterns, and species durations in the rock record.
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