Paleonet: Dale Russell explains the Big Picture

James Farlow farlow at
Mon Jun 29 12:57:05 GMT 2009

I'm pleased to announce publication of the latest paleo book from IU Press:
Dale A. Russell, 2009, Islands in the Cosmos: The Evolution of Life on Land_, ISBN 978-0-253-35273-6, 453 pp, $34.95.  Foreword by Simon Conway Morris
This grand synthesis is Dale's attempt to summarize and analyze the evolutionary history of  terrestrial ecosystems.  He looks for patterns in the evolution of continental organisms, and speculated about the implications of what he sees for exobiology and even theology.  It is, in short, vintage Russell.
Although as series editor I am obviously biased, I found Dale's treatment extremely stimulating, even when I argued with him about some of his ideas.   The book is lavishly illustrated, with wonderful line drawings by Russell Hawley and numerous color photographs of "modern equivalent" ecosystems.
Have a look!
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