Paleonet: 13th RCMNS Congress 2009 - Napoli (Italy) - 2-6 September 2009 CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - Tectono-sedimentary evolution of Peri-Mediterranean areas

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*13th Congress RCMNS (Regional Committee on Mediterranean Neogene 
Stratigraphy), Naples (Italy), 2-6 September 2009*

Dear colleagues,
We would like to draw your attention to the RCMNS session on 
Tectono-sedimentary evolution of Peri-Mediterranean areas, which Carlo 
Doglioni and Luigi Ferranti are hosting during the RCMNS Meeting in 
Naples, Italy (2 -4 September 2009):
The deadline of abstract submission is *May 30th.
*T3 Basin Analysis: *Tectono-sedimentary evolution of Peri-Mediterranean 

convenors: Carlo Doglioni (/University La Sapienza of //Roma//)/ and 
Luigi Ferranti (/University Federico II of Napoli/) (lferrant at 
<mailto:lferrant at>)
During the meeting there will be a session on "Tectono-sedimentary 
evolution of Peri-Mediterranean areas". We hope you may consider to 
present a paper in our session.

The present-day geological architecture of the Mediterranean orogen is 
the result of subduction zones affecting a pre-existing articulate 
Tethyan paleogeography and paleostructure. The orogens have been shaped 
mostly from Late Mesozoic to Present by complex and rapid tectonic 
processes whose fingerprint is preserved in sedimentary basins 
genetically associated to both extensional and contractional belts.

The session "Tectono-sedimentary evolution of Peri-Mediterranean areas" 
welcomes studies in structural geology, metamorphic evolution, 
geodynamics and basin analysis that contribute to our understanding of 
the interplay between tectonic processes and sedimentary response at 
various spatial and temporal scales during the Neogene history of the 
Mediterranean orogen. We particularly encourage submissions that 
integrate disparate methodological approaches suitable of pivoting the 
focus of present and future research on this long-standing topic toward 
a refined and modern analytical and synthetic scenario. In case of 
interest, please send the abstract to RCMNS Secretary Fabrizio Lirer 
(fabrizio.lirer at <mailto:fabrizio.lirer at>) before 
the May 30, 2009.

With our best regards,

Carlo Doglioni and Luigi Ferranti

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