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Dear Colleagues,

The course year was incorrect in my previous posting sent earlier today. The
course is planned for summer 2010, and not summer 2009 (which would be quite
difficult to do). My apologies for cluttering your mailboxes.

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First Announcement

Taphonomic and Ecological Processes in Tropical Environments
Summer Field Course in Graduate Research
Gerace Research Centre, San Salvador, Bahamas
June 28 ­- July 23, 2010

Course website:

Michal Kowalewski, Virginia Tech (michalk at
Thomas Rothfus, Gerace Research Centre (tarothfu at

Overview: The 4-week course will focus on graduate-level research in taphonomy
and ecology of late Quaternary to Recent environments of the San Salvador
Island (Bahamas), including both marine and terrestrial settings. Each student
participant will lead an independent project based on field, experimental, or
laboratory data. The instructors will assist students, both logistically and
intellectually, in developing projects that can generate publishable quality
data. San Salvador field sites and laboratory facilities offer opportunities
for conducting topically diverse projects from experimental ecology and
taphonomy to Quaternary paleoecology and biosedimentary processes.

Where: Gerace Research Centre, located on San Salvador Island, one of the
outermost of a chain of some 700 islands that comprise The Bahamas.

Who: Students interested in taphonomy, paleoecology, marine ecology, carbonate
depositional systems, reef paleoecology, coastal environments, and Quaternary
paleoenvironments are particularly encouraged to apply. The course is aimed at
graduate students who aspire to develop strong research portfolios. Advanced
undergraduate students interested in research-oriented careers are also
encouraged to apply. Students from all countries are eligible for admission.

Application Process: Please submit (1) one completed application form and
(2)your most up-to-date Curriculum Vitae to Michal Kowalewski at
michalk at A reference letter should be emailed separately by the academic
advisor. The application is due on Feb 1, 2010. Maximum enrollment: 16. The
application form can be downloaded at the course website or directly at the
following address: Please
contact instructors if you have any questions regarding the course or the
application process.

Fees and Anticipated Expenses: The course fee of $2300 per student will cover
(1) lodging and all meals for four weeks, (2) access to all facilities at the
research centre, (3) transportation to and from field sites around the island,
and (4) instructional and advising activities. The fee also includes health
insurance for the duration of the course. The fee does not include
transportation to San Salvador ($700 to $1000 from the mainland USA). The total
anticipated cost per student is expected to be around $3000-$3300 per student.
Given more expensive airfare for international flights, the total cost is
likely to be higher for international students. Students are encouraged to
apply for financial aids/scholarships at their home institutions. Additional
financial aid may be available from the course organizers. For details see the
application form.

See course website at for
additional details.

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