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The Paleontological Research Institution, in cooperation with The
Paleontological Society,  is pleased to announce publication of a new issue
in the annual series *The Paleontological Society Papers.

**Conservation Paleobiology: Using the Past to Manage for the Future, *edited
by Gregory P. Dietl and Karl W. Flessa, *Paleontological Society Papers *vol.
15 (285 pp., ISSN 1089-3326, softcover), US $20.00 plus S&H. Presented as a
Paleontological Society Short Course at the Annual Meeting of the Geological
Society of America, Portland, Oregon, 17 October 2009.

Contributions include:
The Youngest Fossil Record and Conservation Biology: Holocene Shells as
Eco-Environmental Recorders, by Michael Kowalewski
Conservation Biology and Environmental Change: a Paleolimnological
Perspective, by John P. Smol
Vertebrate Fossils and the Future of Conservation Biology, by Elizabeth A.
Hadly and Anthony D. Barnosky
Paleoecology and Resource Management in a Dynamic Landscape: Case Studies
from the Rocky Mountain Headwaters, by Stephen T. Jackson, Stephen T. Gray,
and Bryan Shuman
Historical Ecology for the Paleontologist, by Jeremy B. Jackson and Loren
The Isotopic Ecology of Fossil Vertebrates and Conservation Paleobiology, by
Paul L. Koch, Kena Fox-Dobbs, and Seth D. Newsome
Evaluating Human Modification of Shallow Marine Ecosystems: Mismatch in
Composition of Molluscan Living and Time-Averaged Death Assemblages, by
Susan M. Kidwell
Using a Macroecological Approach to the Fossil Record to Help Inform
Conservation Biology, by S. Kathleen Lyons and Peter J. Wagner
Seven Variations on a Recent Theme of Conservation, by Geerat J. Vermeij
Metaphor, Inference, and Prediction in Paleoecology: Climate Change and the
Antarctic Bottom Fauna, by Richard B. Aronson
Ecological Modeling of Paleocommunity Food Webs, by Peter D. Roopnarine
Paleobiology and the Conservation of the Evolving Web of Life, by Gregory P.
Speciation and Shifting Baselines: Prospects for Reciprocal Illumination
Between Evolutionary Paleobiology and Conservation Biology, by Warren D.
Putting the Dead to Work: Translational Paleoecology, by Karl W. Flessa
Managing for the Future: The Role of Scientists, by Thomas E. Lovejoy

Order your copy online at or email me directly for a proforma
invoice. Members of PRI and booksellers should contact me first to receive
discount prices for this and other publications offered by PRI.

Paleontological Society publications are offered by single-issue purchase
and standing order. For further information, please inquire at
publications at or to the address below.

Paula Mikkelsen
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