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Dear Dr. Mikkelson,

I am interested in purchasing a copy of "Conservation Paleobiology"
but the website will not let me do so (can't select the number of
copies I want for some reason).  So I guess I'd like to do it this way
using a proforma invoice.



On Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 9:38 AM, Paula M Mikkelsen <pmm37 at> wrote:
> The Paleontological Research Institution, in cooperation with The
> Paleontological Society,  is pleased to announce publication of a new issue
> in the annual series The Paleontological Society Papers.
> Conservation Paleobiology: Using the Past to Manage for the Future, edited
> by Gregory P. Dietl and Karl W. Flessa, Paleontological Society Papers vol.
> 15 (285 pp., ISSN 1089-3326, softcover), US $20.00 plus S&H. Presented as a
> Paleontological Society Short Course at the Annual Meeting of the Geological
> Society of America, Portland, Oregon, 17 October 2009.
> Contributions include:
> The Youngest Fossil Record and Conservation Biology: Holocene Shells as
> Eco-Environmental Recorders, by Michael Kowalewski
> Conservation Biology and Environmental Change: a Paleolimnological
> Perspective, by John P. Smol
> Vertebrate Fossils and the Future of Conservation Biology, by Elizabeth A.
> Hadly and Anthony D. Barnosky
> Paleoecology and Resource Management in a Dynamic Landscape: Case Studies
> from the Rocky Mountain Headwaters, by Stephen T. Jackson, Stephen T. Gray,
> and Bryan Shuman
> Historical Ecology for the Paleontologist, by Jeremy B. Jackson and Loren
> McClenachan
> The Isotopic Ecology of Fossil Vertebrates and Conservation Paleobiology, by
> Paul L. Koch, Kena Fox-Dobbs, and Seth D. Newsome
> Evaluating Human Modification of Shallow Marine Ecosystems: Mismatch in
> Composition of Molluscan Living and Time-Averaged Death Assemblages, by
> Susan M. Kidwell
> Using a Macroecological Approach to the Fossil Record to Help Inform
> Conservation Biology, by S. Kathleen Lyons and Peter J. Wagner
> Seven Variations on a Recent Theme of Conservation, by Geerat J. Vermeij
> Metaphor, Inference, and Prediction in Paleoecology: Climate Change and the
> Antarctic Bottom Fauna, by Richard B. Aronson
> Ecological Modeling of Paleocommunity Food Webs, by Peter D. Roopnarine
> Paleobiology and the Conservation of the Evolving Web of Life, by Gregory P.
> Dietl
> Speciation and Shifting Baselines: Prospects for Reciprocal Illumination
> Between Evolutionary Paleobiology and Conservation Biology, by Warren D.
> Allmon
> Putting the Dead to Work: Translational Paleoecology, by Karl W. Flessa
> Managing for the Future: The Role of Scientists, by Thomas E. Lovejoy
> Order your copy online at or email me directly for a proforma
> invoice. Members of PRI and booksellers should contact me first to receive
> discount prices for this and other publications offered by PRI.
> Paleontological Society publications are offered by single-issue purchase
> and standing order. For further information, please inquire at
> publications at or to the address below.
> Paula Mikkelsen
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