Paleonet: Infected by a virus/trojan?

Norman MacLeod N.MacLeod at
Thu Oct 22 06:50:23 GMT 2009

The only way this could happen is if a spammer's was able to successfully
subscribe add their e-mail to the PaleoNet list, either through the normal
subscription procedure or through hacking. The NHM has anti-hacking measures
in place, but that's no absolute guarantee. I've set the list up so I
monitor all requests for subscription and, I'm sorry to report, there are a
large number of attempts by spammers to subscribe via the normal procedure.
These subscription requests I reject out of hand, but it is possible that a
'normal looking' e-mail address actually belongs to a spammer.

What to do?

If you receive span from PaleoNet, please report it to me. If possible
please copy me the e-mail header so I can determine which PaleoNet address
the spam message originated from.

If possible ensure your e-mail client, institution, and/or ISP provider has
anti-spam routines activated. You can probably use filters to catch and
automatically delete messages containing particular key words so you never
have to see them.

For my part I will go through the entire PaleoNet subscriber list over the
weekend and look for any 'suspicious' e-mail addresses that might have
slipped through. I will, of course, get in touch with any problematic
address I find before taking administrative action.

PaleoNet apologises for any inconvenience caused. We'll do our best to get
to the bottom of the situation. Span is, perhaps inevitably, one of the
crosses those who seek electronic community must bear.


Norm MacLeod
PaleoNet Manager

On 21/10/09 22:05, "Bjørn Funke" <bjorn at> wrote:

> I have received a mail from Paleonet at with a message associated
> with medicine Viagra. This might be caused by a computer infected by a
> trojan (virus). Please check this.
> regards,
> Bjørn Funke
> (PalVenn chairman)
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