Paleonet: A special offer for your library

Bruno Granier granierbruno at
Fri Oct 23 22:18:23 GMT 2009

Dear Paleoneters,
We, at Carnets, have just released the new DVD version of our journal 
(we get 1000 copies), which includes all contributions*** since its 
beginning in 2002
***: letters, articles, memoirs and books (including one novel by J. 
Deprat and the PaleoPark special volume)

You can order your own copy at:

we are also offering FREE copies to your library provided that you give 
us some information:

* your name and email address (you will be the reference person)
* the librarian's name and his/her email address
* the library postal address ... where to send the parcel with the DVD

we have currently a list of 150 to 200 libraries, we shall be pleased to 
have more.

Best wishes,
Bruno Granier
Editor-in-chief, Publisher
s/c Carnets de Géologie - Notebooks on Geology

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