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Tue Sep 29 19:57:08 GMT 2009

Well deserved congratulations to Jere! -


SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology announces that Dr. Jere Lipps 
(University of California, Berkeley, CA) has been awarded the 2010 Moore 
Medal for excellence in the study and application of paleontology.


Dr. Lipp's contributions to paleontology range across many fields, 
including micropaleontology, molluscan paleocommunities, general 
paleobiology (including organism responses to climate change), and 
temporal assessments ("temporal smearing") of extinction events owing to 
incompleteness of the fossil record (termed the "Signor-Lipps Effect"). 
He also has served the paleontological community as President of the 
Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research, President of the 
Paleontological Society and Chair of the Association of North American 
Paleontological Societies, among others.

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