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The Western Interior Seaway Revisited
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Paleoclimatology/Paleoceanography, Paleontology, Biogeography/Biostratigraphy, Structural Geology
Paleontological Society GSA Sedimentary Geology Division
Many aspects of the Western Interior Seaway are always under continuous study by a diverse group of professionals. This session is proposed as a continuation and expansion of the exchange of information such professionals in this work that began with a GSA 2008 Houston topical session.
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Tentative List of Speakers:
Jan Smit, Peter Harries, Peg Yacobucci
This session is intended as a continuation of "The Western Interior Seaway" session held at GSA 2008. Ideally, previous presenters will be joined by others also working in any aspect of this important topic.
Memo or Comment for Technical Program Chair:
I think the title should allude to the previous session and "revisited" might not be the best option. I was also was behind on deadlines and will be contacting the Paleontological Society, guest speakers and the GSA Sedimentary Geology Division today.
0 abstracts submitted.
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> Hi all,
> This is just a reminder that proposals for Topical Sessions
> and Pardee Symposia at the 2010 Geological Society of
> America Meeting in Denver, Colorado are due on January 12
> (Tuesday next week).
> One of the functions of the Paleontological Society is to
> promote and sponsor paleo-related sessions.  If you
> have an interesting and timely idea for a theme session, we
> encourage you to submit a proposal to GSA ( 
> Don't miss this opportunity to make GSA as relevant and
> interesting as possible to the paleo community as well as a
> broad geoscience audience.
> If you think that your idea is appropriate for Paleo
> Society sponsorship, please let me know.  For those
> sessions that are accepted, the Society has some funds
> available to help bring speakers who would not normally
> attend GSA.
> Tom Olszewski
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