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To Paleonet subscribers and all paleontologists everywhere:

The General Assembly of the IPA is scheduled for Thursday 1st July at 
16.30 in lecture theatre G131 in the Royal School of Mines Building, 
Imperial College (in the heart of the congress venue).  If you will 
attend IPC3, please mark this event on your calendar.

This is the Ordinary Meeting of IPA, held every four years at the 
International Paleontological Congress.  Officers will be elected for 
2010-2014.  Other agenda items include the site of the next IPC.  All 
paleontologists are welcome and encouraged to attend as observers.

TO VOTE, you must be an Individual Member of IPA or the Delegate of a 
Corporate Member.

We encourage all paleontologists to join IPA as Individual Members, 
either by subscribing to the journal Lethaia or by paying dues 
directly to the Treasurer (Dr. Bruce Lieberman, blieber at

We hope that all Corporate Members of IPA who have not already 
appointed their Delegate will do so and notify the Secretary-General 
of this appointment (Dr. Rosalie F. Maddocks, rmaddocks at   (A 
list of the Corporate Members and of their Delegates to the IPA 
Council is on the IPA website.  If your national or disciplinary 
paleontological society is not a Corporate Member of IPA, please 
encourage the officers to contact the IPA Treasurer for information 
about joining.)

The International Paleontological Association is the global 
organization that represents the paleontological sciences, affiliated 
with the International Union of Geological Sciences and the 
International Union of Biological Sciences.  Information concerning 
the mission and activities of the IPA is available at the IPA 
website: .

Best wishes,
Rosalie F. Maddocks
International Palaeontological Association

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