Paleonet: IPA Nominations for Officers 2010-2014

Rosalie F. Maddocks RMaddocks at
Wed Jun 9 14:57:39 GMT 2010

To PaleoNet subscribers and all paleontologists everywhere:

Elections for Officers of the International Palaeontological 
Association for the term 2010-2014 will be held at the IPA General 
Assembly, Thursday 1st July at 16.30 in lecture theatre G131 in the 
Royal School of Mines Building, Imperial College.

The procedures for nominating and electing officers are described in 
the IPA Constitution, which is available on the IPA website: .  Following these procedures, a Nominations 
Committee has been appointed and is preparing a slate of candidates 
for the various offices.

The Constitution also provides a procedure for additional nominations:
"VI 6 (e) Additional nominations for any office may be made by any 
Member of IPA, provided such nomination is supported by at least five 
other Members, is made in writing, and is received by the 
Secretary-General before the opening of the next Ordinary Meeting of 
the General Assembly. Such nominations must include evidence that the 
nominee is eligible and willing to accept office if elected."

To repeat:  All nominations must be in writing and must be received 
by the Secretary-General (Dr. Rosalie F. Maddocks, RMaddocks at 
before the start of the meeting.  Only IPA Members (Ordinary or 
Subscribing Individual Members and Delegates of Corporate Members) 
are eligible to make nominations, and each nomination must be 
supported by at least five additional Members.

The International Paleontological Association is the global 
organization that represents the paleontological sciences, affiliated 
with the International Union of Geological Sciences and the 
International Union of Biological Sciences.  Information concerning 
the mission and activities of the IPA is available at the IPA 
website: .  For information about Membership, 
please contact the Treasurer, Dr. Bruce Lieberman, blieber at .

Best wishes,
Rosalie F. Maddocks
International Palaeontological Association

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