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Tue Jun 22 08:16:45 GMT 2010

Paleontology has a long and fruitful relation with art and illustration. Not
only has our science supplied both organisms (e.g., dinosaurs) and concepts
(e.g., evolution) that have fascinated and inspired artists, the work of
artists inspire young people to take up palaeontology and enable
professional palaeontologists to pursue and explain their work. The PaleoNet
Gallery celebrates this long-standing symbiotic relationship by providing an
online showcase for the work of artists interested in illustrating the
fossils, and the organisms they represent, in new and innovative ways.

Today PaleoNet officially releases a new gallery devoted to the work of John
Iellamo. John's site can be accessed from the PaleoNet home page ...

... or directly via the following url.

John is a Canadian who's first paleontological experience came by way of
collecting eurypterids in New York state. By combining his interest in
Paleozoic faunas with a talent for illustration borne of his desire to
better understand the fossils he collected, John has created a series of
twelve striking images of extinct species, five of which are displayed in
the PaleoNet Gallery, including illustrations of Marrella, Cryptolithus,
Eurypterus, Bothriolepis, and Dicranurus.

So, if you have a moment, please take a look at John's work. You won't be
disappointed. You might even consider dropping John a line or two with your
perspectives on his reconstructions from either aesthetic or technical
points-of-view. After all, who is in a better position to engage with, or
has more reason to encourage artists who are interested in fossils than we?
I'm sure John would value comments on any aspect of his art.

With kind regards.

Norm MacLeod


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