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Mon Nov 1 02:30:24 GMT 2010

Hi all

I am starting the study of the deep-sea foraminifers in the Panama Basin and its use as paleoceanographical indicators (e.g. paleoproductivity), but I had troubles with these references:

Resig, J. 1981. Biogeography of benthic foraminifera of the northern Nazca plate and adjacent continental margin. Memoir of the Geological Society of America  154: 619-666.

Boltovskoy, E. &  Totah, V.I. 1987. Relación entre masas de agua y foraminíferos bentónicos en el Pacífico sudoriental. Phycis (Buenos Aires) A45: 37-46.

Bandy, O.L. & Rodolfo, K.S. 1964. Distribtuon of foraminifera and sediments, Peru-Chile trench area. Deep Sea Research 11: 817-837.

Golik, A. 1968. History of the Holocene transgression in the Gulf of Panama. Journal of Geology 76 (5): 497-507.

I would appreciate anykind of cooperation.

Best wishes

German Patarroyo
Young Researcher EAFIT University - COLCIENCIAS
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