Paleonet: More inquiries about EEP Foraminifera papers

German David Patarroyo Camargo gdpatarroyoc at
Tue Nov 2 22:38:16 GMT 2010

Hi all

First, I want to thank all of those who send me information of the EEP foraminifera.
But, now I have more problems. The papers of Bandy & Arnal (1957) and Golik & Phleger (1977) gave valuable information about the benthic foraminiferal distribution in the Panama Basin, but they have not got exact coordinates (only the maps). I tried to find them in the compilation of Culver & Buzas (1987), but they only placed some specific locations (13 locations of Bandy & Arnal, and 12 locations of Golik & Phleger)

The total samples in the Bandy's paper are 36, and 125 in the Golik's paper.

I want to know if anyone has the original documents of the field work in these two papers (in the case of Golik's paper, is possible that this information is located in his PhD Thesis)

I would appreciate anykind of cooperation.

Best wishes

German Patarroyo
Young Researcher EAFIT University - COLCIENCIAS
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