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Dear Paleonetters -
I am seeking help in identifying a polished Jurassic bivalve that seems to
be for sale everywhere, but is never fully identified. I purchased several
specimens at the GSA exhibition in Denver last week. They were simply
labelled "Paleozoic, Madagascar." On the web, I find them attributed to
Sakaraha, Majunga Basin, and Morondava Basin, all in Madagascar; and
Mesozoic rather than Paleozoic. I have seen only two with taxonomic names -
* Mercenaria *sp. (which seems unlikely) and "*Trigonia *Mussel Family"
(which also seems unlikely given the sculpture that remains). All of them
seem to be ca. 3 inches long, orange to white, double valved, with solid
infill. There is a distinct lunule and escutcheon - looks veneroid. Can
anyone identify this apparently common but mysterious clam, or point me in
the right direction in the literature?

See images of the clam at (scroll down
to polished fossilized clam) and

Baffled at PRI

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