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Holloway, D. & Laurie, J.R. (eds), Siluro-Devonian Studies 1. Memoirs of the Association of Australasian Palaeontologists 39, 339p.

Evolution and environmental adaptation of the Late Ordovician–Early Devonian orthide brachiopod Dicoelosia by Pengfei Chen & Jisuo Jin
Post-hoc sampling analysis of crinoid collections from Anticosti Island, Quebec, Canada by William I. Ausich
Late Silurian echinoderms from the Yass Basin, New South Wales―the earliest holothurian body fossil and two diploporitan cystoids (Sphaeronitidae and Holocystitidae) by Peter A. Jell
First record of the Devonian phacopid trilobite Plagiolaria from Uzbekistan by Catherine Crônier & Helena S. Tsmeyrek
Conodont biostratigraphy and stable isotope chemostratigraphy of the lower Henryhouse Formation (Gorstian-early Ludfordian, Ludlow, Silurian), southern Oklahoma, USA by James E. Barrick, Gilbert Klapper, Mark A. Kleffner & Haraldur R. Karlsson
The trilobite Chacomurus (Dalmanitidae, Synphoriinae) from the Lower Devonian of Bolivia by David J. Holloway & Maria da Gloria Pires de Carvalho
Silurian spiriferide brachiopods from Yass and Molong, New South Wales, and Canberra, Australian Capital Territory by Desmond L. Strusz
New data on occurrences of the Devonian rugose coral Calceola in Belgium by A.J. Wright, M. Coen-Aubert, P. Bultynck & A.P. van Viersen
Stenoloron (Stenoloron) boucoti, a new gastropod species from the Lower Devonian of the Royal Creek area, Yukon Territory, Canada by Robert B. Blodgett, David M. Rohr, Jiří Frýda & Alfred C. Lenz
Devonian scolecodonts from the Tyrnaueralm, Graz Palaeozoic, Austria by Thomas J. Suttner & Olle Hints
Silurian brachiopod distribution in strata of the Canberra-Yass region, southeastern Australia by Desmond L. Strusz
Septal architecture and palaeoecology of Calceola (Cnidaria, Calceolidae), with comments on the phylogeny of Devonian operculate tetracorals by Anthony J. Wright
Stratigraphic distribution and suggested evolution of dendroid graptolites from the Silurian by of eastern Australia by Barrie Rickards† & Anthony Wright
Telychian-early Sheinwoodian (early Silurian) conodont-, graptolite-, chitinozoan- and event-based chronostratigraphy developed using the graphic correlation method by Mark A. Kleffner & James E. Barrick
Lower and Middle Devonian trilobites from southern Uzbekistan by Robert M. Owens, Olga Ivanova, Irina Kim, Leonid E. Popov & Raimund Feist
Statistically differentiating Katastrophomena from Strophomena (Ordovician-Silurian strophomenid brachiopods) by Huang Bing & Rong Jiayu
Latest Devonian (Strunian) Ostracoda from the Buttons Formation, Bonaparte Basin, northwestern Australia: biostratigraphy, palaeoecology and palaeozoogeography by Peter J. Jones
The Alexander terrane of Alaska – a displaced fragment of Northeast Russia? Evidence from Silurian-Middle Devonian megafossils and stratigraphy by Robert B. Blodgett, Arthur J. Boucot, David M Rohr & Alan E.H. Pedder

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