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Karla María Castillo Espinoza karla_castillodb at
Thu Nov 25 21:41:18 GMT 2010

Dear all:

I´m looking for the following publications:

Ferguson J. 1966. Variation in two species of the Carboniferous brachiopods
*Pleuropugnoides*. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society

Roberts 1975. Early Carboniferous brachiopod zones of eastern Australia.
Journal of the Geological Society of Australia. 22(1):1-31.

Carter J. L. 1987. Lower Carboniferous brachiopods from the Banff Formation
of Western Alberta. Bulletin Geological Survey of Canada. 378:1-183  (I´m
interested only the part of genus *Rugauris** *and *Rugauris robusta*).

Mergl M. and Massa D. 1992. Devonian and Lower Carboniferous brachiopods and
bivalves from western Libya. Biostratigraphie du Paleozoique 12:1-115 (Only
the part of *Pleuropugnoides*)

Could somebody help me to get a copy of them?
Thank you!


Karla Castillo
Museo de Paleontología, Facultad de Ciencias, UNAM
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