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This book publication announcement just in.


The First Four Million Years of Human Evolution

Organised and edited by Alan Walker and Chris Stringer

Published October 2010
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Spectacular discoveries of early members of the human lineage, including
nearly complete skeletons and dozens of other 6 to 2 million year old
fossils, have been made in the past 20 years. These can provide a much more
complete picture of the earliest phases in the history of the human lineage.
New investigative methods have also been developed to extract environmental,
behavioural and life history information from these fossils and their
associated materials.

The first four million years of human evolution, which emanates from a Royal
Society Discussion Meeting held to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the
publication of Darwin¹s The Origin of Species, highlights the new evidence
and the interpretations made from these new investigative methods, together
with fieldwork observations of our closest living relatives, the
chimpanzees. The volume demonstrates how much recent scientific progress has
been made in the reconstruction of our early evolutionary history.

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