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  FYI: The following radio ad has been running in a number of media 
markets, including Chicago and Denver (notice emphasized section):

"If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you should do is stop 
digging! Right now, Washington is spending...and spending, and spending, 
at an alarming rate! They've overspent by 13 trillion dollars, nearly 
the size of our entire economy, and they're not stopping. You don't have 
to be an economist to see how this level of spending is unsustainable. 
It isn't creating jobs, isn't moving the economy, it's just not working. 
Hello? The bridge to no where was a drop in the budget. Today Washington 
is spending billions on special interest projects, like tunnels for 
turtles, and *digging for fossils in other countries*. It has to stop. 
Go to and tell Washington to stop spending us 
into the ground. Contact your congressman today. Help us climb out of 
this hole. Hello? A little help down here? Learn more at"

I would like to see the billions we are spending digging for fossils in 
other countries! -

Also, from  the organization's website:
     "March Madness Recap: spending gone mad (rankings 65th-1st):
  35  - When will irresponsibility go extinct: Utah's Dinosaur National 
Monument has received $7 million of stimulus funding to cover the entire 
cost of a new visitor center
  12  - Maybe they'll dig up the secret to responsible government?: A 
$1.47 million federal grant from stimulus funds is being used to look 
for fossils in Argentina. Which will stimulate what again?"


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