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Dear Paleonetters,

The education and public outreach (E/PO) wing of the NASA Astrobiology
Institute's MIT team, The Advent of Complex Life, needs your feedback. The
team consists of a diverse group of bio and geo scientists working on a wide
variety of problems relating to the timing and causality of the emergence of
complex life. We are interested in developing curricula materials for
college-level courses that relate to the research taking place within the
group (but not limited to research by group members). We want to make sure
that whatever we develop adequately addresses the needs of the community.
We'd like to get feedback from a broad swath of college-level instructors
who teach paleo/earth history/ geobiology / astrobiology/ geochemistry type
courses regarding potential needs.

Please fill out the survey at:

Thank you!
Phoebe Cohen
Education and Outreach Coordinator,
MIT NASA Astrobiology Team

//Phoebe A. Cohen, Ph.D.
Education and Outreach Coordinator
MIT NASA Astrobiology Node
EAPS / E25 / 77 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge MA 02139
pcohen at
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