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The proceedings volume of the 6th International Brachiopod Congress has just been published as volume 41 of the Memoirs of the Association of Australasian Palaeontologists. It is:

Shi, G.R., Weldon, E.A., Percival, I.G., Pierson, R.R. & Laurie, J.R. (eds), 2011 Brachiopods: extant and extinct - Proceedings of the Sixth International Brachiopod Congress, 1-5 February, 2010, Melbourne, Australia. Memoirs of the Association of Australasian Palaeontologists 41, 366p.


Comparative experimental and simulation study on passive feeding flow generation in Cyrtospirifer, by Yuta Shiino & Osamu Kuwazuru

What is the ideal proxy for Palaeozoic seawater chemistry?, by Uwe Brand, Alan Logan, Maria Aleksandra Bitner, Erika Griesshaber, Karem Azmy & Dieter Buhl

Spine formation in Novocrania and Danocrania (Brachiopoda, Craniata), by Jeffrey H. Robinson & Daphne E. Lee

Growth rates of Calloria inconspicua (Sowerby, 1846) from the upper intertidal zone of Portobello, New Zealand, by Dietrich Schumann

What do we really know about predation on modern rhynchonelliforms?, by Elizabeth M. Harper

Affinities and associations of new shallow-water brachiopods from the Late Cretaceous of New Zealand, by Norton Hiller

Revision of Sowerby's species Spirifer bisulcatus, Spirifer pinguis and Spirifer rotundatus from the late Tournaisian-Visean of Great Britain, by Lucia Angiolini, Sarah Long & Lee Davies

Taxonomic review and evolutionary trends of Levipustulini and Absenticostini (Brachiopoda) from Argentina: Palaeobiogeographic and palaeoclimatic implications, by Arturo C. Taboada & Guang R. Shi

The howellellid branches within the delthyridoid spiriferids (Brachiopoda, Silurian to Devonian), by Mena Schemm-Gregory

Preliminary data on shell cementation in fossil specimens of thecideide brachiopods, by Alberto Pérez-Huerta, David A.T. Harper & Teresa E. Jeffries

There's no place like home: Cambrian to Devonian brachiopods critically useful for analysing palaeogeography, by L.Robin M. Cocks

Mesozoic brachiopods of Misool Archipelago, eastern Indonesia, by Donald A.B. MacFarlan, Fauzie Hasibuan & Jack A. Grant-Mackie

Early Devonian diversification of athyridide brachiopods in the Cantabrian Zone (NW Spain) and their affinities, revisited, by Fernando Alvarez, Tatyana L. Modzalevskaya & Covadonga Brime

Ontogenetic discontinuities in brachiopod populations: their detection and significance, by Anthony E. Aldridge

Origin and evolution of Permian brachiopods of Australia, by J. Bruce Waterhouse

Application of niche modelling to analyse biogeographic patterns in Palaeozoic brachiopods: evaluating niche stability in deep time, by Alycia L. Stigall

Brachiopod life histories from spiral deviations in shell shape and microstructural signature - preliminary report, by Anthony E. Aldridge & Danièle Gaspard

The type specimens of the Holocene brachiopod Diestothyris frontalis (Middendorff, 1849), by Alexey V. Pakhnevich

Brachiopod biogeographic change during the Early to Middle Ordovician in South China, by Renbin Zhan, Rongyu Li, Ian G. Percival & Yan Liang

An early Cambrian chileate brachiopod from South Australia and its phylogenetic significance, by Lars E. Holmer, Christian B. Skovsted, Glenn A. Brock & Leonid Popov

Late Eocene (Priabonian) micromorphic brachiopods from the Upper Austrian Molasse Zone, by Alfréd Dulai

Morphology and systematics of Late Palaeozoic syringothyrid brachiopods from West-Central Argentina, by Gabriela A. Cisterna

Endolithic algae, fungi and bacterial activity in Holocene and Cretaceous brachiopod shells - diagenetic consequences, by Danièle Gaspard

The Cisuralian faunal succession in Patagonia (Tepuel-Genoa Basin, Argentina): an updated brachiopod biostratigraphic scheme, by M. Alejandra Pagani & Arturo C. Taboada

Reassessment of the Ordovician brachiopod Poramborthis and Poramborthidae, by Michal Mergl

Nanostructures in Palaeozoic linguloid brachiopods, by Liisa Lang, Ethel Uibopuu & Ivar Puura

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