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For those in the UK/Europe, next year's Lyell Meeting at the Geological Society of London on Thursday 29th March, entitled "Big Palaeontology", will focus on large-scale projects in palaeontology. These projects often involve multidisciplinary geoscience teams from numerous institutions and are playing an increasingly important role in modern palaeontological research. This meeting will showcase the science being undertaken in these projects across the range of palaeontological disciplines, including:

Chris Stringer (Natural History Museum, London) - Ancient Human Occupation of Britain

Henk Brinkhuis (Royal Netherlands Institute for the Sea) - IODP Wilkes Land Glacial History

Ken Johnson (Natural History Museum, London) - EU Indonesian Throughflow project

Bridget Wade (Leeds University) - Tanzanian Drilling Project

Wolfgang Kiessling (Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin) - PBDB – coral biodiversity

Paul Upchurch (University College London) -  PBDB – Cretaceous vertebrate biodiversity

Mark Sutton (Imperial College London) - Imaging and Virtual Palaeontology

Richard Twitchett (Plymouth University) - Co-evolution of Life and the Planet

Richard Edmonds - Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site

Mike Howe (British Geological Survey) - UK Type Fossil Database

The meeting is free to members of the sponsoring societies (Geological Society, Palaeontological Association, The Micropalaeontological Society and the Palaeontographical Society), or £40 to non-members / £20 student non-members. For further details and registration please visit:

Convenors: Drs Jeremy Young and Tom Dunkley Jones

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