Paleonet: Moore, Lalicker, and Fischer---re-post attempt

James Farlow farlow at
Wed Jan 19 12:36:24 GMT 2011

>>> 01/19/11 3:05 AM >>> 
All---a repost, as I think the former was truncated and I'm interested, too. 

Art Busbey (a.busbey at is looking for an electronic version of: 

Moore, R. C., C. G. Lalicker, and A. G. Fischer. 1952. Invertebrate fossils. 
McGraw-Hill, New York. 

Such a thing would be very valuable. 


Farlow: I second the opinion about the usefulness of this old book. I have taught invertebrate paleontology many times, and whatever primary textbook I have used, I have always kept the old black book of MLF handy. Its drawings and definitions are extremely helpful.

Has anybody ever thought about doing an update of this book, in more or less the same format, using a lot of the same line art, but with added photos and modern text? I can think of at least one publisher that might be interested in such a project, if there is a writer(s) who wanted to tackle it.

If there is such a person, please contact me privately.

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