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Dear colleagues, 

I am working in a thesis about mesosaurs skull and I would like to know if 
anyone has some the following articles:
-DU TOIT, A. L. 1927. A Geological Comparison of South america with South 
Africa. Carnegie Institute of Washington. Publication N° 381.USA. 158 p.
-OELOFSEN, B. 1981. An anatomical and systematic study of the family 
Mesosauridae (Reptilia, Proganosauria) with special reference to its associated 
fauna and palaeoecological environment in the Whitehill Sea. Ph.D. thesis, 
University of 

Stellenbosch, South Africa, 250 pp. 
-OELOFSEN, B. & ARAÚJO, D. C. 1983. Paleoecological implications of the 
distribution of mesosaurid reptiles in the Permian Irati Sea (Parana Basin), 
South America. Revista Brasilera de Géociências 13 (1): 1-6. 

- OELOFSEN, B., & ARAÚJO, D.C. 1987. Mesosaurus tenuidens and Stereosternum 
tumidum from the Permian Gondwana of both Southern Africa and South America. 
South African Journal of Science 83: 370-372
Elizabeth Morosi

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