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Dear Kenneth;

Thank you for your listing, is a good idea! It seems to me that you are
lacking information on South American journals. Here is a quick list, sure
there are more... (no idea about "impact factor"):

Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Arquivos do Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Boletim do Museu Nacional (Geociências), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Boletim do Museu Paraense "Emílio Goeldi", Belém, Brazil
Comunicaciones Paleontológicas, Museo Nacional de Historia Natural,
Montevideo, Uruguay
Papeis Avulsos de Zoologia, São Paulo, Brazil
Revista Brasileira de Paleontologia, Porto Alegre, Brazil (Sociedade
Brasileira de Paleontologia)
Revista del Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Best regards


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Dear colleagues,

I made a list of journals where paleontological research can be 
published, which might be of use to you. The journals can be ranked by 
discipline, impact factor, country, open or restricted access. It can be 
viewed on the following website:

If you are aware of other journals to list here or have additional 
comments/suggestions, please let me know! Please respond to my e-mail 
address not to "spam" the paleonet list. I only want to include 
peer-reviewed journals, especially the ones with an impact factors. Some 
multidisciplinary science journals, which occasionally future 
paleontological articles, are listed for comparison. At the moment i 
only make the different between open (access for everybody) and 
restricted (all others).

With best regards,

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