Paleonet: Inquiries deep sea benthic foraminifera

German David Patarroyo Camargo gdpatarroyoc at
Tue Jul 12 15:29:50 GMT 2011

Hi all

I want to know if someone could have the next references (in digital format):

Wilson, B. 2008. Late Quaternary benthonic foraminifera in a bathyal core from the Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles. Journal of Micropaleontology 27 (2),177-188.

Revets, S. A key to the unilocular hyaline Foraminifera. Journal of Micropaleontology 24 (2), 145-158. 

Unfortuntely, I don´t have access to this journal in Colombia.

Best wishes,

German Patarroyo
Young Researcher
Universidad EAFIT
Medellín, Colombia
gdpatarroyoc at
gpatarro at


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