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layoffs include: Drs. Christina Reith (runs the largest museum office, 
25 employees, with ca. $10 million in pass-through money for spot 
archeological evaluations; she costs the state no money, probably does 
100 site reports a year, 6+ peer-reviewed papers/yr, has SUNY-SUCO 
students); John Lothrop (archeology, profoundly dedicated, hired 4 years 
ago with many promises);

J. Orston hired 4 years ago from Southern Illinois University where he 
was a "Distinguished Professor," editor of a major archeology journal;

Marian Lupulescu (Adirondack geology, curator geology and mineralogy 
collection,\origin of Precambrian iron ores in Adirondacks and Hudson 

This is on top of the December layoffs (including Dr. Norton Miller, 
curator bryophytes). Recent retirement Dr. Dan Malloy---discovered an 
anti-zebra-mussel compound patented by the State.

Write: Steve Englebreit NYState Assembly by Friday July 22 and everyone 
else in NYSTATE to let them know about how you feel!
I tried to post last week, but bounced.  Sally E. Walker

On 7/20/11 6:06 PM, Roy Plotnick wrote:
> Just saw the following. Quite upsetting.   Anyone know more?  - Roy
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