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German David Patarroyo Camargo gdpatarroyoc at
Tue Nov 1 21:05:59 GMT 2011

Dear paleonetters

In these hard times to do research I have an inquiry about grant
possiblities. A Colombian colleague is pursuing a MSc research with diatoms
in a Late-Holocene fluvio-lacustrine sucession in northern South America.
However, it had been quite hard to my partner to find small budget grants
to finance the field work in Colombia (2-3 weeks would be enough).
Personally I have (and I suppose that many of you) suffered this kind of
situations and I would like to give her some options.

Anyone could have any information of possible options for this kind of
grants? (links, fund agencies, experiences or comments about them)

We would really appreciate any kind of help.

Best wishes,

German Patarroyo
MSc student
EAFIT University
gpatarro at
gdpatarroyoc at
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