Paleonet: Call for papers - North Central GSA 2012 Session

Brenda Hunda BHunda at
Thu Sep 8 13:19:23 GMT 2011


Geological Society of America North Central Meeting, Dayton, Ohio, April 23-24

Session: The Museum as Geological Muse: Outreach, Online Catalogs, Blogs, Student
Internships, and More

Organizers:  Joe Hannibal, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, jhanniba at 
and Brenda Hunda, Cincinnati Museum Center, BHunda at; 

This session will cover topics related to modern museum methods and to
initiatives used to inspire the public, provide data to a broad spectrum
of people, and involve students and others in geological activities.

Please contact either Joe or Brenda if you are interested in giving a talk in this session. 
Student participation encouraged and welcomed.

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