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The Paleontological Institute is delighted to announce the immediate availability of these new publications:

Treatise Online no. 23–26
Access to Treatise Online is free to members of the  Palaeontological Association,  Paleontological Society, and SEPM, as well as members of subscribing libraries; others can purchase downloads.

Nixon, Marion. 2011. Part M, Chapter 7: Ecology and mode of life. Treatise Online 23:1–38, 6 fig., 11 tables, $21.95. 

Wood, Rachel. 2011. Part E, Revised, Volume 4, Chapter 3: Introduction to Post-Devonian Hypercalcified Sponges (Stromatoporoid Type). Treatise Online 24:1–17, 4 fig., $15.95.

Webby, B. D., & S. Kershaw. 2011. Part E, Revised, Volume 4, Chapter 9B: External morphology of the Paleozoic Stromatoporoidea: Shapes and growth habits. Treatise Online 25:1–73, 44 fig., $49.95. 

Nestor, Heldur. 2011. Part E, Revised, Volume 4, Chapter 16C: Clathrodictyida. Treatise Online 26:1–15, 8 fig., $12.95.

Paleontological Contributions no. 3
Open access for all at KU Scholarworks.

Stein, Martin, Stephen B. Church, & Richard A. Robison. 2011. A new Cambrian arthropod, Emeraldella brutoni, from Utah. Paleontological Contributions 3:1–9, fig. 1–4.
Download here:

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