Paleonet: Has Anyone Studied Morgellons?

Nina Gonzales nina_gonzales3 at
Fri Sep 30 23:44:10 GMT 2011

Has anyone studied the new emerging threat of government hybrid threat of nanotechnology that is being merged with biological natural elements to cause new indistinguishable diseases like Morgellons?
They have a few research teams out their investigating it.  It is mimicing things like scabies, mixed in with things like silicone that only melt at 1000+ F.  Unheard of, this technology only exists in places like NASA.
Here are a couple of sites:
Dr. Karjoo has been working on it for 20 years.  He worked on in the past on a case against Breast Implant Companies like Dow Corning Corporation.
Dr. Karjoo won a $53 Billion dollar law suit against them.  They believe morgellons is Silicon based.  I believe that it is Petroleum based.

Thank you.

Ms. Eurdis B. Nina Gonzales
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