Paleonet: Two new monographs on fossil arthropods

David Penney David.Penney at
Sat Apr 21 09:05:29 GMT 2012

Siri Scientific Press are pleased to announce the release of two new monographs on fossil arthropods:

Dunlop, J.A. & Penney, D. (2012) Fossil Arachnids, 192 pp. Monograph Series, Volume 2. Siri Scientific Press, Manchester.

Coram, R. & Jepson, J.E. (2012) Fossil insects of the Purbeck Formation of Southern England: palaeoentomology from the dawn of the Cretaceous, 144 pp. Monograph Series, Volume 3. Siri Scientific Press, Manchester.

Full details available at:<>

Dr David Penney FRES
Honorary Lecturer, Faculty of Life Sciences (Preziosi Lab), University of Manchester, UK
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