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Lee Hsiang Liow l.h.liow at
Tue Apr 24 02:36:59 GMT 2012

Dear paleonetters,

I am looking for empirical data to support a simulation study I am 
doing. If you or your colleagues have published such data, please point 
me to the reference. I would like to include your data and cite your paper!

What I am looking for are: datasets where at least 15 
ancestor-descendant relationships are proposed for a given clade at the 
*species* level, where stratigraphic ranges of the same lineages are 
available, and where *estimated* time of branching of descendant 
lineages from the proposed ancestor were reported.

A good example of what I am seeking is data used in
Ezard, T. H. G., T. Aze, P. N. Pearson, and A. Purvis. 2011. Interplay 
between changing climate and species' ecology drives macroevolutionary 
dynamics. Science 332(6027):349-351.
which stems from
Aze, T., T. H. G. Ezard, A. Purvis, H. K. Coxall, D. R. M. Stewart, B. 
S. Wade, and P. N. Pearson. 2011. A phylogeny of Cenozoic macroperforate 
planktonic foraminifera from fossil data. Biological Reviews.

Thank you very much in advance. Please reply to this off list.

Lee Hsiang Liow

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