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Thanks for the suggestion on Questedt (1963) .... I'll check on it....

... and yes, I know that Brown authored the list in Woodward & 
Sherborn... As I said, it is a complicated situation and I was trying to 
keep my note brief.

The problem is locating some of the original sections on Brown's list 
and the 'feuilleton additional'

> Again on the same subject. Woodward & Sherborn (1890, pages XXV-XXIX) 
> are not the authors of the "Dates of publication...", but W. H. Brown.
> Alvaro
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> All,
> My apologies in advance for a rather long and convoluted request... 
> the whole issue is complicated.
> I'm trying to document the naming the North American shell crushing 
> shark, /Ptychodus mortoni/...The species was either named by Mantell 
> (1836 - citations below).... or by Agassiz (exact date unknown, but 
> probably between 1836 and 1840 in his /Poissons Fossiles/...)
> Mantell's claim (1836, p. 27) is straight forward.... He had a 
> specimen sent to him from the United States by Dr. Samuel Morton, and 
> said, "I have named it /Ptychodus mortoni/." However, Mantell did not 
> describe or figure the specimen. (The specimen is now in the BMNH)
> Agassiz, on the other hand, provided a complete description of the 
> same specimen, after having seen it in Mantell's collection, and had 
> it figured by his artist on Plate 25 in the Atlas accompanying his 
> Tome III.
> Seems simple... Agassiz had already named the genus (1835), and should 
> be the clear authority on the /P. mortoni/ species. Maybe....
> Agassiz's/Poissons Fossiles/ is usually cited as being published 
> 1833-43 or 1833-44. While I used to think that using 1833-43 date for 
> citing Agassiz's work was a sign of a lazy author, I am now beginning 
> to understand that it is the only way of describing the manner in 
> which the five volumes and accompanying plates were published, 
> non-sequentially, over a 10 year period! Agassiz actually formed a 
> printing company in Neuchàtel to print his work.
> Woodward and Sherborn (1890, pages xxv-xxvix) included a compilation 
> of the publication history of the /Poissons Fossiles/. From their 
> listing, it appears that the publication of the five volumes of 
> /Poissons Fossiles/ proceeded rather haphazardly.... and I'm unsure 
> when Agassiz's Part 2, chapter VIII of the third volume (about the 
> species of /Ptychodus/) was actually printed.
> Besides the various publication dates for various chapters and plates, 
> Woodward and Sherborn mentioned (page xxix) that Agassiz also included 
> occasional supplements (/feuilleton additional/).
> Apparently one of these supplements was actually published in 1835 
> with the name of the new genus.... /Ptychodus/..... I've seen it 
> cited, but cannot find a copy... A pdf would be greatly appreciated.
> *
> Agassiz. L. 1835. Feuilleton additionel sur les Recherches sur les 
> Poissons fossiles.*
> Beyond that, I need the year that Volume (Tome) III, Part 2, Chapter 
> VIII (including the name /Ptychodus mortoni/) was published. I'm 
> fairly certain it was 1839 (According to Woodward and Sherbon, the 
> accompanying Plate 25 was also published in 1839).
> Any directions to resources would be appreciated.
> Regards,
> Mike
> Mike Everhart
> Adjunct Curator of Paleontology
> Sternberg Museum of Natural History
> Fort Hays State University, Hays, KS
> Agassiz, L. 1836. Recherches sur les Poissons Fossiles.  Tome. III 
> (l'Histoirie de l'Ordre des Placoïdes): pp. vii + 390 + 32, Neuchàtel.
> Mantell, G. 1836. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Objects of Geology, 
> Natural History, and Antiquity (chiefly discovered in Sussex,) in the 
> Museum attached to the Sussex Scientific and Literary Institution at 
> Brighton. Relfe and Fletcher, London., 41 pp.
> Woodward, A.S. and Sherborn, C.D. 1890. A Catalogue of British 
> Vertebrata. Dulau & Company, London.
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