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Hi Paula,
I have a suggestion: Ralph Johnson, President of the Monmouth Amateur Paleontological Society.
He has been collecting Cretaceous fossils of the Atlantic Coastal Plain for over 40 years, has an incredible, properly curated collection of thousands of specimens, many unique and very important, and has contributed to many scientific papers on the ACP. His collection is open to anyone who wants to research it.
I can give you more specifics if needed.

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Call for Nominations - The Katherine Palmer Award 2012

Each year, the Paleontological Research Institution recognizes an individual who is not a professional for the excellence of their contributions. This award is named for PRI's second Director, Katherine Van Winkle Palmer, who was an avid supporter of avocational paleontology. The award is presented at the annual Fossil Expo of the Mid-America Paleontology Society in Macomb, Illinois, being held this year from March 30 - April 1 at Western Illinois University (

Please consider nominating someone whom you believe deserves such recognition. Anyone, including other amateurs, is welcome to submit a nomination. Neither nominators nor nominees need to be members of PRI. The nomination should include (1) nominee's full name, address, phone number (and email if available); (2) contact information of the nominator(s); (3) description of the nominee's achievements in paleontology, including a bibliography of papers authored or resulting from the nominee's efforts if appropriate; and (4) a photo of the nominee if available.

Please submit nominations by February 24, 2012, to me at the signature address below (email preferred).
For further information, including past awardees, see or contact me at pmm37 at<mailto:pmm37 at>.

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