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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

You may have heard of or been peripherally involved in a major 
initiative in sedimentary geology and paleobiology, called TRANSITIONS. 
  I'm pleased to say that even though this was finalized just recently, 
it is already being used in strategic planning at NSF.  The timing was 
fortuitous, as the NRC's NROES report came out just as we were 
finalizing this initiative, so we had the opportunity to document the 
convergence between the NROES report findings and recommendations and 
the TRANSITIONS science plan.

This initiative is unique in that we are not only honoring, but 
incorporating a broad body of work already produced by the community as 
a whole, including many, if not all, of you.  So I thank the people who 
were directly involved, but I thank also you and the community as a 
whole for convincingly coming together (whether you knew it or not!) 
behind a single intellectual challenge and the tools required to meet it.

You can download the initiative report at, along with the 
preliminary workshop report and the community reports and initiatives on 
which TRANSITIONS is based.

Judy Parrish

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