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The Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities (CETAF) invites applications
for the position of Secretary General

The Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities (CETAF) is seeking to fill a
position for a Secretary General to run its new Secretariat office, hosted
by the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS), Brussels,

CETAF (A.I.S.B.L.) is a legal entity under Belgian law of 29 major European
natural history museums, botanic gardens and other taxonomic research
facilities. The consortium institutions together house several hundred
million scientific specimens, representing all kinds of organisms and
natural objects. The collections serve as an archive for evolution and
diversity of our planet and life on Earth, and form a distributed resource
for research within biology, palaeontology and earth sciences. Information
from the collections is used to respond to global challenges such as climate
change, loss of biological diversity, and environmental protection. The
institutions themselves also play a key role in public education, in
preserving cultural heritage, and in improving Europe¹s capacity to fulfil
its commitments and obligations towards European and international
environmental agreements and initiatives.

CETAF aims to promote research and to facilitate access to information and
expertise of its member institutions by improving the efficiency of their
taxonomic facilities through co-operation. CETAF acts as a forum for
exchange of information and policies, working towards co-ordinated projects
and other joint activities. CETAF¹s objectives and work plan can be
consulted at:

Key responsibilities

The Secretary General will be responsible for implementing the orientation
and strategic development of CETAF, the establishment and operation of
administrative structures, the facilitation of new CETAF projects and
activities, internal and external communication, international liaison, and
outreach as laid out in the work plan.

The Secretary General will head the new CETAF Secretariat office including
additional staff and will work under the responsibility of the CETAF
Executive Committee, reporting directly to the CETAF Chair. As the CETAF
Secretariat is hosted by the RBINS, the work place will be at the RBINS,
Brussels, Belgium. The working language in CETAF is English.

For specific responsibilities, see the job description at:
CETAF Job Advertisment Secretary General 2

Key requirements
This senior position will require a dynamic person with excellent
communication skills who

- can promote and facilitate the further development of CETAF;
- is able to establish and operate efficiently administrative structures;
- is willing to create and foster relations between CETAF and the relevant
international stakeholder communities,
- is able to facilitate and administer CETAF projects and activities at the
EU and international levels.

A detailed list of required skills and desirable attributes is part of the
job description available at:

Contractual terms

The successful candidate is expected to assume office at the CETAF
Secretariat in Brussels in May 2012 or shortly thereafter, with an initial
contract for three years based on the three-year-work programme of CETAF
(see work plan at: Subject to a positive evaluation at the
end of this period, the contract is eligible for prolongation.

Recruitment will be done by CETAF under Belgian law. The salary level is
equivalent to a senior researcher at the host institution, with the precise
salary depending on qualifications and experience of the successful


Interested applicants should submit the following documents by e-mail to:
christiane.quaisser at (CC to: christoph.haeuser at

- A cover letter describing specific qualifications that correspond to the
required skills and experiences, including a vision statement for the
position; - A complete curriculum vitae, including list of relevant
qualifications, previous employments and job experiences, and list of
- Two reference letters.

Direct inquiries concerning this call for applications be addressed to the
CETAF chair, Dr Christoph Häuser, MfN Berlin, at:
christoph.haeuser at, or the CETAF secretariat, Dr Christiane
Quaisser, at: christiane.quaisser at

This call for applications closes on 29th February 2012. Selected candidates
will be interviewed in person, probably from 22nd - 23rd March 2012, in

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