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My yahoo address is more secure than my university address.  I resent the implication that one's email address might be used as a "vetting" process.  

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May be it it is simply because emails are sometimes sent from home when people have time to work up their emails. I often do so because the day time is occupied by work. At least my Apple mail program sometimes automatically changes the sender address from my private to university account or vice versa. If I don't see it the mail goes of with the automatically filled address, so it may be my private mail address. Yet this is a) my fault not to check it but b) just by chance and c) not intended to harm anyone or even disguise myself. May be others have similar experiences and also think that it is simply a regrettable but not intended mistake.
I have a nice garbage bin, and in such cases I simply put such mails into it. I see no need to assume something harmful in all this,

Am 18.11.2012 um 20:07 schrieb Christian Emig:Bonsoir (local time),The tendency to use email addresses with anonymous IP (yahoo, gmail, hotmail , etc.) becomes aa problem to identify the scientist and his true identity. I disagree with, especially as co-editor of a scientific journal because this is a good opportunity for fraudulent relationships. Examples exist - see Carnets de Géologie. I have in mind that a scientist has to use a professional email (i.e., of his Institute), allowing to identify him as really member of.Of course this message is not against Ingrid C. Romero - just an example - nevertheless why she do not use the professional address given by the institute:  romeroic at

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